20 Things I’ve Learned Living Down Under

20 Things I’ve Learned Living Down Under

1)The sound of an Aussie accent, and hearing the word ‘mate’ will forever put a smile on my face.


2) I am fully aware of what heaven looks, tastes, and feels like after spending a sunny afternoon at the Sydney Opera Bar.


3)Care for life’s details, and embrace the ride; it’s usually just as rewarding as the destination.

4) Aussies are the most hospitable humans on the planet.


5) Always ‘pay it forward’ to whoever needs it, whether it is a friend, loved one, or most importantly, a complete stranger.

6) $5 bottles of wine (preferably Gossips Brand) are the best way to survive the exorbitant Aussie alcohol prices.


7) Growing up is a trap; we’re all just big kids anyways.


8) Life is messy everywhere, even with an accent.


9) Good, solid, ‘stay with you forever’ friends are rare. So squeeze them, kiss them, lick them, & cherish your time spent with them.

10) To be human is to be imperfect, even in paradise.


11) ‘Getting amongst it’ is always a good idea, always.

12) There isn’t one way, one plan, one right path to follow; life is transient and ever changing.


13) Embracing strangers is a necessity in a new place when you know nothing or no one.

Who are they?

14) The sea, sunshine, and cider can fix almost any problem.


15) There didn’t seem to be THAT many things that could actually kill you…


16) Face-timing family and friends from home can add light to your entire day or week.

17) Sunrise is best spent watching the waves of a fresh, new day roll in.


18) ‘Home’ is no longer one place, or structure. It is a feeling comprised of all of the little moments, people, and places where you let your heart linger.

Cronulla Coast

19) Timing is everything, this world is way too small, and things usually work themselves out.

THE 12 APOSTLES (or 7)

20) There is no perfect place, but Australia is pretty damn close.


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