7 Sexy & Affordable Southeast Asian Honeymoon Destinations

7 Sexy & Affordable Southeast Asian Honeymoon Destinations

During my year gallivanting the world, a lot has changed at home–one of the biggest changes being the daily ding of wedding bells for many of my dear friends. WHAT? I am taking showers every four days, trekking to strange villages, and living out of a backpack while my friends are playing real life and getting married!

My beautiful friend Doree & her hubbie to be Taylor!

Vs. Me …..

Anyways…a honeymoon is supposed to be special, a once-in-a-lifetime event, and Southeast Asia (SEA) has the flare, diversity, and adventure to create it. SEA is perfect for those who aren’t afraid to test their marriage straightaway, as problems are bound to occur. But, the experiences, scenery, culture, and cuisine will outweigh any troubles encountered.

Here are seven ideal honeymoon destinations for the twenty-something honeymooners who don’t want to break their newly joint bank.

1) Railay Beach, Southern Thailand: a dramatic and idyllic paradise, surrounded by limestone cliffs and turquoise seas


Railay provides a laid-back island atmosphere and some of the most stunning scenery in the world to accompany your climbing and exploring endeavors. Throw off the harness and jump into deep water soloing, an increasingly popular sport which includes a full day sailing, guide, endless water melon, snorkeling, and the ability to climb rocks as high as you can and fall into the ocean below! Don’t skip the somewhat dangerous, yet absolutely exhilarating hike to the Secret Lagoon.  This requires even more swinging, water-fall scaling, and climbing, but landing in the private lagoon at the bottom feels straight out of the movie the Beach, absolutely incredible, and romantic.

Go here for adventure mixed with relaxation: from rock climbing, hiking, and deep-water soloing, to sipping pina coladas and just chilling out at a reggae bar.

2. Ubud, Indonesia: a tantric paradise located smack dab in the middle of Bali

Upon entering Ubud underneath the naturally tie-dyed hanging vines, you will find yourself immersed in a place similar to no other. Ubud is one of those ‘feel good’ places, and the array of bungalows, intimate restaurants, massages places, and yoga classes are perfect for newlyweds. If you want a little ocean adventure, brave the roads, rent a motorbike, and head east toward the coastal town of Candidasa to find your very own slice of beachside paradise for the day.

Local spray in Candidasa
Local spray in Candidasa

Go here for yoga, monkey forests, lush rice paddies, and relaxation.

3. The Gili Islands- Lombok, Indonesia (DO ALL THREE)

The ‘Gilis’ are an archipelago of three picture-perfect islands dotted off the shores of Lombok, Indonesia. Gili Meno is known as the honeymoon island, being the smallest of the three, and offers romantic accommodation accompanied by a small row of restaurants and bars. Gili Trawangan is known for its nightlife, diving, and laid back vibes. Holy nightlife – Gili T really knows how to have a great time, probably thanks to the infamous ‘joss shots’ which are an intoxicating duo of vodka+energy powder. Gili Air is the middle ground and has a perfect mix of the two.

Go here for world-class diving, snorkeling, swimming, romance, insane nightlife, and biking adventures.

4. Luang Probang, Laos: The monk and temple-infused town sprawled between the mighty Mekong river

Grab a bike and cruise down the quiet, temple-filled streets aligning the majestic Mekong River. You will immediately begin to realize the intricate beauty and history laced into every decorative temple. Luang Prabang is home to sacred Lao traditions including the daily Alms Giving Ceremony (pictured below). As the sun rises, hundreds of orange robed monks line the main street gathering their offerings including rice, local fruits, and sweet treats.

There are so many things to explore, side streets to wind down, and monks to see. Be sure to make a trip to the Kuang Si waterfall and climb to the top for a chance to splash around with young monks!

Source: Creative Commons, Ben Ashmole

Go here for waterfalls, night markets, and a chance to disappear from it all for a while.

5. Hoi An, Vietnam: a little strip of lantern-lit paradise

Hoi An is the best place to find tailor-made everything: from sandals and suits to lanterns and leather, this is the place to get great quality goods. Hoi An comes alive at night, and you can enjoy a romantic lantern-lit dinner, or get wild and join the herds of backpackers pre-drinking at Sunflower hostel or dancing the night away at the Why Not Bar.

Rival Lantern Stores, Hoi An, Vietnam, Ben Ashmole

Go here for lantern-lit dinners, tailor-made clothes, biking adventures, and the sprawling riverside markets.

6. The Lovina Coast, Bali: A dolphin and rice paddy-filled paradise

Lovina is located on the northern coast of the well known tropical paradise known as Bali, Indonesia. It is a quiet strip of black sand nestled along the dolphin-filled waters of the Lovina Coast.

Go here for dolphins, a true local Balinese experience, and black sandy beaches.

7. Sapa: A stunning clash of ancient H’mong culture, ski town vibes, and dramatic rice terraced landscapes

Sa Pa is a Vietnamese specialty. Upon stepping off the night bus from Hanoi and into the beautiful mountains, rice terraces, and local village life – you will be swept away by its intimate charm. I recommend doing a trek to one of the local villages (led by a local H’mong woman). Here you will stay in a local house, interact with children, and be a part of day to day activities!  Don’t skip staying in the town for a couple days after your trek – there is so much to explore on foot or via motorbike.

Go here for trekking, the freshest air in Vietnam, and breathtaking mountain views.

South East Asia is the perfect place to be pampered with $10 massages, to adventure into dark caves, underwater worlds, and through mangroves. The cultural diversity, cuisine, and local people will create experiences of a lifetime that outweigh any all-inclusive beach resort. Whatever you desire, it is waiting for you in Southeast Asia. Escape to one of these truly sexy destinations to set off on a culturally rich, and absolutely affordable honeymoon.

Thumbs up to a Southeast Asian honeymoon!

Which one would you choose and why? I’d love to know where you all would love to wander! Don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook & Instagram as well 🙂


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