Come Alive in Colombia: 4 Cities Through The Lens Of An Iphone 4

Come Alive in Colombia: 4 Cities Through The Lens Of An Iphone 4

Colombia is a unique blend of South American wildness. It has a wild history–one ridden with crime, cocaine, and disaster thanks to the Escobar drug mafia of the 80’s. It has a vivid and bold culture, one that literally bleeds blue, red, and yellow (National Colombian colors). The landscape is vast and filled with wild scenery–the highest Palm trees in the world, coffee plantations ripe with color, and cotton candy sunsets breathe dreamy colors into the night. Colombia is mad, yet there is a method to the madness.

The culture just vibrates, and if you ever wanted to go somewhere to come alive–Colombia is the place to do it.

I hope these Iphone 4 photos inspire you to throw yourself into all the madness and mischief that Colombia has to offer. (Yes, you heard me–Iphone 4. Don't worry this outdated version still delivers a magical look).

1) B O G O T A 

Specifically La Candelaria, the Spanish colonial epicenter is home to ornate churches, La Plaza Bolivar, and picturesque cobblestone streets. The walls are dripping with colorful graffiti, and the cake shops, bakeries, and coffee spots are hidden in every nook and cranny. It is an incredible introduction to the Colombian culture including: 90’s style cell phones tied to street vendor’s carts, the infamous latino PDA(couples making out on every corner), booming dance parties coming from the local tiendas (corner shops), and a taste of local, hearty goodness. *Try the Ajiaco, a steaming blend of shredded chicken, potatoes, rice, and a HUGE avocado on the side. Welcome to Colombia baby, enjoy the ride! 

Bogota Street Fun

travel in colombia
Ajiaco, An infamous & steaming Bogota dish

2. S A L E N T O

Salento is a mountainside town straight out of a Colombian fairytale–one with cowboys, enough freshly ground coffee to last a lifetime, and the tallest palm trees in the world. Walking through the sleepy streets of Salento will lead you past locals, up winding hills, through colourfully painted tiendas (stores) and leave you breathless (in all senses of the word at an altitude of approximately 1900 meters). I wrote an entire post dedicated to Salento, my favorite place in Colombia! *Be sure to tour a coffee finca where you can learn all about the coffee making process, and of course sample some of Colombia’s finest! 

Fresh fruit stand baby!

3. M I N C A.

A tiny town tucked 600 meters high into the Sierras, and a great day trip from the coastal and also lively town of Santa Marta. It is ideal for hiking (with the beautiful addition of home grown coca leaves, locally brewed beer, and homemade cacao to energize your adventures). Walking through the winding dirt roads of Minca, speaking with locals, and venturing into the lush forests with waterfalls, hundreds of bird species, and fields of local organic coffee makes for the most invigorating Colombian experience. 



4. C A R T A G E N A

The pulsating melting pot of Caribbean, Spanish, and Colombian culture is truly one of a kind. Its UNESCO World Heritage protected Old city encompasses beautiful colonial style buildings, and is a maze of souvenirs, high end luxury shopping, and is chock-full of gastronomic delights. The nightlife here is also relentless; street dancers and vendors turn every block into a sweaty, pulsating dance party when the sun goes down. 

traveling in colombia

I hope you enjoyed this little ‘Iphone-agraphic 4’ journey through some of the most vibrant cities in Colombia. Have you ever visited? What were your favorite cities and/or favorite pictures from your trip? Spill in the comments below!

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