S days in The Shire

S days in The Shire

S days (Saturdays and Sundays) have been absolutely delightful.

Unfortunately, they go by just as fast as in the states, and always seem way too short. It has been quite rainy and cold the past week, so there has been a lot of skyping, laying, reading(finished ‘People of Paper’), bedroom yoga, ALS ice bucket challenges, Robin William’s movies, Avenger drawings thanks to Archer, and of course wine! Luckily, the weather cleared long enough for an afternoon adventure into the Bundeena National Park. Lauren and I took a ferry across the bay, and spent hours traversing through the Aussie ‘bush,’ finally finding the beautiful coastline with dramatic drops, coastal views, and of course handstand pictures. I really have no self-control with yoga pictures, and maybe never will, because I just love being upside down in weird places.

Sometimes, Wednesdays here are like S days. This Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be escorted to the city by my host mum Gen, and had the chance to visit her work, explore William’s Street, Surry Hills, Darling Harbour, and meet up with my long-lost Aussie, Rachael from ASU! Walking around Sydney really makes me want to live in a vibrant, and bustling city sometime in my 20’s. I absolutely love the ‘burbs,’ and the open spaces of the countryside, but there is just another element involved in city life, something vibrant, rich, and full.

Anyways, the days and weeks roll by so quickly here, and it is already Thursday, my 21st day in Australia. Time is so strange.  21 days can drag, fly, or stand completely still.  It is so strange because some minutes seem longer than others, but some (most) flash before our eyes.  I have never had this much free time in my entire life; time to walk everywhere, enjoy a cup of coffee, and enjoy just being, just sitting still. Sometimes it drives me crazy, because I am always thinking ahead, thinking of the next step, always onto the next one. But, the past 21 days here have taught me to appreciate time, every second of it, no matter how insignificant, because I can never get it back. It’s the one universal thing we can’t control, and we might as well enjoy it if it’s going to pass, right? And…. that’s what your brain does when it has too much time, rant! I am forever lucky, life is simple here, summer is approaching, and time beats on. If anyone actually reads this, Happy Thursday lovas, hope you have a great day!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keeo your balance, you must keep moving."
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”-Albert Einstein

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