Start Stripping: 7 Of The Best Skinny-Dip Spots In The World

Start Stripping: 7 Of The Best Skinny-Dip Spots In The World

Let’s face it; skinny-dipping is probably one of the most freeing feelings in the world. The shortness of breath, the blood tingling, prickly feeling bubbling under your naked skin, the sensation of freedom, danger, and possibly getting caught- it leaves you feeling truly alive.

Being naked is fun; there is just something wild about stripping down to nothing, leaving your inhibitions flying in the wind, and letting it all go.

So, strip everything off, leave your troubles lying in a heap with your clothes, and enjoy the essence of all that is around you with these seven spots…

7. Secret Beach- Kauai, Hawaii

Secret Beach is located on the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii. It requires a 30-minute hike over wind-blown, dagger-like rocks, but the journey is always worth it for a destination like this. This small piece of sand nestled in between the cliffs creates a picture-perfect skinny-dipping haven.

6. Ha Long Bay-Vietnam

Despite being Vietnam’s number one tourist attraction in the North, Ha Long Bay still provides seclusion to those searching for it. Book a tour sailing the Bay and you will be able to find a secluded inlet to dip your feet into the mountain-filled mirage. With over 1969 islands, there is enough to go around.

5. Milk Beach- Sydney, Australia

One of Sydney’s best kept secrets, Milk beach is the perfect place to ‘strip-and-dip’ with an uninterrupted view of the entire sparkling Sydney Harbor.

4. Gili Beach-Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

 If the sparkling turquoise waters of Gili Trawangan aren’t  inviting enough, the mountainous mirage of Lombok provides a surreal backdrop to your swimming adventure. If you’re too shy for the main beach, hop on a bike and dip in anywhere along the strip of sand surrounding the island.

 3. SOn River- Phong Nha, Vietnam

Slip into the Son River as the sun dips behind the surrounding mountain tips. Jump into a setting where only the passing water buffalo will catch a glimpse. It is a truly unparalleled experience which deserves to be enjoyed sans-clothes.

2. Secret Lagoon- Railay Beach, Thailand

Getting to this Lagoon takes some real rock-climbing, traversing, and mud sliding. But, the adventure is worth the skinny-dip of solace, as you will probably be the only soul down there.

1. Havasupai Falls- Havasupai, Arizona

Havasupai Falls

The enchanting turquoise waters and roaring falls will have you stripping the second you catch a glimpse of the oasis emerging from the desert. And, after hiking 11+ miles through sand, steam, dirt, and Arizona desert, you deserve it! The five waterfall formations thread together through crystal-clear streams, allowing for multiple skinny-dipping opportunities.

Where are your favorite places to skinny-dip? What is your craziest skinny-dipping story? Please comment below!

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