Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands

AIRLIE is a quaint backpacker’s dream. The only thing existing in this town are bars, beaches, hostels, & travel agents selling everything from sailing adventures to skydiving.

The nightlife in Airlie attracts a very strange, and unique crowd, making for very interesting nights out. We headed to Magnum’s every night for the cheapest Australian jugs of cidar, live music with free wasted dancers, and to top it all off, an array of AFL footy players … We had quite the time at Paddy’s(Irish Pub) due to the 10+ jaeger bombs we took, but nevertheless, its a great bar!

The sailing experience through the Whitsundays was absolutely breathtaking. We were placed on SPANK ME, where we spent two nights and two days sailing through the chain of 74 islands with our crewmen Richie, Alex, and Tom. Everyone on the boat was a riot, and it was so exciting to have a boat filled with travelers from every inch of the world.


Snorkeling along the Great Barrier reef is exactly all it is cracked up to be. The stunning reefs are bursting with color, and are home to an array aquatic life including turtles, heaps of fish, clams, jellyfish, and a whole bunch of weird things I cannot name!

Hill Inlet & Whitehaven Beach: Whitehaven beach is the picturesque white sand and light blue swirls you usually see in every picture of the Whitsunday Islands, and the real view is just as spectacular.

As far as accommodation goesIf you are on a budget, and backpacking, I would recommend staying at NOMADs Hostel. It was the cutest hostel, very clean, and all the rooms were separate bungalows with pool views. Not bad for $25/ night!

All in all, Whitehaven really is a little slice of heaven on earth. From the pristine white sand beaches, to the the turquoise swirling water formations, the sporadic gradients of blue water, the Great Barrier reef, the immaculate sunrises, and the freedom of sailing off into the sunset, it was an experience I will never forget. If you get a chance to travel Australia, don’t miss it!

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